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CCLD REVIEW | Summer 2019

Seminar: Proposed amendments to the 2018 International Building Code The topic of the 2019 Fall Seminar is proposed Minnesota amendments to the 2018 International Building Code and changes to the Minnesota Accessibility Code. The seminar will take place in October 2019 at locations throughout Minnesota. Presenters for the seminar are Greg Metz, Karen Gridley and… Continue Reading →

Home warranty dispute resolution process

What is the home warranty dispute process? Homeowners and contractors involved in a dispute must use this home warranty dispute process (or an approved alternate process) before a claim can escalate to litigation. The goal of the legislation is to encourage settlement of disputes and limit costs by using an unbiased and nonbinding evaluation of… Continue Reading →

To Pre-Lien or Not Pre-Lien, that is the Question

Oftentimes we are asked by our Contractor clients “why is it necessary to provide Pre-Lien Notices in Minnesota” and we always tell them that it is the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. If you ever want to place a Mechanics Lien on Residential Property and certain Commercial Property, then, by Minnesota State… Continue Reading →